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GPTMC 2012 Annual Report

In 2012 GPTMC (aka Visit Philly) launched the With Art Philadelphia™ campaign to promote the city's art scene. This was also a year of strong collaboration between partners interested in bringing visitors to Philadelphia.

The Art of Collaboration Greater Philadelphia Tourism 2012: A Report to the Region The front cover of the GPTMC 2012 Annual Report features a photo of the Ben Franklin Parkway, which connects Center City to many of Philadelphia's art and science museums.

The title theme, The Art of Collaboration, allows for a strong connection between design and content throughout the 28-page report.

Philadelphia The Art of Collaboration cover graphic The cover title uses a combination of hand drawn typography and Akzidenz Grotesk, GPTMC's brand typeface.

Philadelphia Tourism: Why It's Important, Why It Matters Pages 6 and 7 outline tourism's importance on a national level.

The report uses bold brushstrokes and canvas textures to connect the design with the written content.

Philadelphia Marketing Campaigns: With Love, Philadelphia XOXO Pages 14 and 15 show how GPTMC's With Love, Philadelphia XOXO® campaign brings the city together.

Brushstroke graphics were created by hand, scanned in, and digitally colorized to match the color palette of the report.

purple brushstroke

Just the Stats: Philadelphia Visitors, Hotels and Economic Impact Pages 20 and 21 demonstrate that despite the sluggish recovery in 2011, tourism remains a strong segment of Greater Philadelphia's economy.

Greater Philadelphia Tourism Economic Impact, 2007-2011 Here is a detail of the table on page 21: note the use of the canvas texture to define the edges.

To download the GPTMC 2012 Annual Report, or any report available from the GPTMC, check out visitphilly.com.

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