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Stewardship Express

Stewardship is the responsible management of resources. In 2010 the Stewardship Committee of the Scottsville Union Presbyterian Church, where I am still a member, approached me with a concept to recharge their annual giving campaign.

Union Presbyterian Church presents the Stewardship Express: Our 2010 Stewardship Campaign Stewardship Express Campaign Book Cover

Pages 2-3: Letter from the Stewarship Committee and Chart on rent requirement for church pews circa 1850s The opening spread of the book features a letter from the Stewardship Committee and a chart from the 1850s that shows the cost to rent a church pew.

Train Time Machine: Throughout the campaign the Stewardship Express is shown traveling on an historical timeline to connect events from the church's past with present day.

Page 4: 1822, 1831

Page 5: 1844, 1854

Page 14: 1961, 1997

Page 15: 1999, 2010, The Stewardship Express arrives at the presnt day Union Presbyterian Church: All Aboard!The goal is to put the importance of stewardship in an historical context while motivating the congregation to financially support the future of the church.

Other Support: I also create posters and advertising for events held by the Scottsville Union Presbyterian Church. These projects give me another chance to contribute to an organization that does a lot of good in the community where I grew up.

Scottsville Union Presbyterian Church presents Rock for the House July 17, 2-8 to Benefit Habitat for Humanity in Rochester Rock for the House Poster

Union Presbyterian Church Christmas Shoppe Christmas Shoppe Poster

To find out more about the Scottsville Union Presbyterian Church check out their Facebook page.

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