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Whipped Bakeshop

Whipped Bakeshop is located at the corner of Berks and Belgrade Streets in Philadelphia. I have been working with Whipped since 2009 on branding, print, and web design.

Whipped Bakeshop logo on store window Whipped Bakeshop Storefront

Whipped Bakeshop business cards back Whipped Bakeshop business cards front Whipped Bakeshop Business Cards and Product Labels

The Whipped Bakeshop storefront uses interchangeable panels that feature custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and other tasty treats. Some pieces are rotated seasonally (Fall, Spring, Valentine's Day, etc.), and others are used throughout the year.

Whipped Bakeshop storefront Whipped Bakeshop Storefront

I developed the brand system to be flexible, allowing for small inventions that connect back to the main theme. The standard five-color stripes are used along with monochrome stripes to create a depth of pattern and texture throughout the storefront.

Best of Philly Winner 2010: Best Cupcake CakeCup: Greatest. Snack. Ever. Whipped Bakeshop Try Our Whippie Pies: They are frickin' delicious folks. Whipped Bakeshop Baby Block Cake Ground-to-order Pour-over Coffee: The power of jet fuel Whipped Bakeshop Pinwheel Cake Storefront Panels in Detail

Whipped Bakeshop product labels Whipped Bakeshop Product Labels

Whipped Bakeshop product labels in use Whipped Bakeshop Product Labels In Use

Anatomy of a Cake: We developed an illustrated guide to show customers how cakes are assembled and how they are cut into servings. It is also available on Whipped Bakeshop's website. As a testiment to its popularity, see the European bootleg version here.

Whipped Bakeshop Anatomy of a Cake

Whipped Bakeshop's visual brand uses five colors, two fonts, and one logo. Whipped's Constitution of Style directs the use of these elements as found on the storefront, product labels, email newsletters, social media, and website.

The brand also has a great voice that comes from the witty writing by Whipped's in-house team. The most important part of all though, is the creative and delicious stuff they make. If you are in the neighborhood, be sure to stop in for a CakeCup.

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